Remote Debug on Pi tar.gz 0 bytes

Using the remote debugger on the Pi 4 with bullseye 32bit from windows 11 and R23R4. Xojo compiles
but does not run on the pi.

The IDE setting is set to arm32

On the Pi side the tar.gz file is created but has 0 bytes

The file compiles on the windows side which when ftp’d to the pi runs correctly.

So to me at least, there is no issue with the firewall but the debug is not successfully transferring the compiled app across.

Any thoughts

Is the download location of the remotedebugger writeable for it and is there enough space? Perhaps change it to /tmp or something like that. Is it running as root?

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Thanks Marius

I changes to a different dir and its now working even though the permissions appeared to be the same … I guess they couldn’t have been.

Thanks for the pointer