Remote Debug from macOS ARM does not run on Windows Intel

I’m running a Windows debug build from macOS on ARM. The destination is a Windows 11 in a Parallel VM on a macOS Intel machine. The project compiles and the targ.gz file is transmitted completly. But then the decompressing process hangs with 100 % CPU load.

Can someone confirm this or has a solution?

Not a solution, I’m afraid, but can you confirm that your Windows build setting is for 64-bit, not 32?

And that you’re using the appropriate Remote Desktop Debugger for that build setting.

Yes, 64-bit. It works from an Intel Mac.

Remote Debugger Console version 2.5.055, Desktop version Both comes with Xojo 2021r.3.1.
Works w/o problems when running the debug build from an Intel Mac. But on ARM the IDE stalls with “Launching Application” message. On Windows I have to kill the Remote Debugger.
It’s the same behavior with Console or Desktop Remote Debugger.