Reminder: Cancel your hotel room

Since we cancelled the conference I no longer have visibility into who has a reservation and who does not. So, this is just a reminder that if you have not yet cancelled your hotel room, please call the hotel ASAP so you do not get charged any sort of cancellation fee. They can be reached directly at (615) 885-2200.

I had two separate bookings, one for the time of the conference and one for the week after. I cancelled the booking after XDC, but the room booking during XDC showed as already cancelled (ie I could not cancel it) — is this correct? Did Xojo cancel the rooms when they cancelled the conference?

I think the hotel canceled the rooms after receiving the event cancelation, at least the ones that used the link from Xojo’s site.

Edit: definitely call and check

I don’t think they did, FWIW I had to call and cancel all of our Xojo staff registrations. I definitely recommend you call and double check so you don’t have to deal with any charges after the fact.