Reload Project on Windows?

Assume you have a project open in the IDE and now you’ve downloaded some recent updates to the project and the only way to open the project with those updated files is to close the project and re-open it. The problem is, if you close the project, it closes XOJO so you have to reload the IDE with the plugins and then re-open the project.

Is there a way to reload a project without having to select another project or closing the IDE/XOJO and reopening the project???

My guess is that in windows if you only have 1 project and close it then Xojo quits.

Can you open/create new blank project (so you have 2 projects in Xojo), close your working project and reload it?

Maybe ‘Revert to Saved’ may work too?

On the general tab of options - Edit → Options you will see
which defaults to Quit. Change this to Keep Xojo running & you will see (after restarting the IDE) an icon in the system tray that you can use to open projects etc.


Both of those will work. Thank you.