Release Feedback app as a standalone product.

I think it would be great if the Feedback app were released as a standalone app. Make it generic enough so that anyone that downloads and uses it can configure it to provide support for their own products. Then release it at a reasonable purchase price (Mac version on the Mac App Store would be awesome.)

If anyone else thinks this is a good idea, please support the Feedback ticket I just created: 31806

That’s not a new request. Keep in mind that the part of Feedback that you see is just the front end terminal which is backed by a web server, server code and a PostgreSQL database, so chances are a Mac App Store version is unlikely.

Or, release it as a project to demonstrate major aspects of Xojo:

[quote]Client Server communications
Database access
Custom Controls
Cross Platform design
It would also satisfy ALL of the ideas in this Feature Request <>

We’d have to disable a lot of things or rip code out to not expose any thing that should not be exposed

So? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, do it. It would be great to have the source code!

A lot of what you’re interested would
a) not function
b) be missing

and c) would serve as a great distraction to more pressing needs in the IDE, compilers, etc

Its literally not something we can just package up & send out to everyone and we’d have to take time to do it

There are quite a few web based solutions out there that specialize in software bug/issue/case tracking.

This would seem to be an ideal candidate for a Xojo Web app.