Release Build Application Folder

is there a way to set the output path of the Build Folder?
i have the project on a mobile hd and want the release output in C:…

(something without hardcoding the buildname and project name)

I don’t think so exactly, but you can use IDE scripting to accomplish this. Either add a post-build script that does the copy, or create a Scripts folder (next to your xojo project file) and write a “Release to C drive” script in .rbs format that does it for you. There are IDE script variables for the current project path and name, so you can do it without having to hard-code any strings.

Build scripts also have the option to run the for Debug or Release builds, so you can easily create a script which runs only when doing a Build, but not when doing Debug/Run.

See UserGuide:IDE Scripting - Xojo Documentation and UserGuide:Build Automation - Xojo Documentation

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IDE script does not copy because umlauts

DoCommand "BuildApp"
Speak("Build Complete")
Var result As String
Var command As String
Var resultCode As Integer
command = "XCOPY " + ChrB(34) + "E:\MR_Xojo\Markus Büro\Builds - Markus Büro\Windows 64 bit\Markus Büro" + ChrB(34) + " " + ChrB(34) + "C:\XojoDienste\Markus Büro" + ChrB(34) + " /E /I /Y"
result = DoShellCommand(command, 10000, resultCode)
Print(resultCode.ToString + Chr(13) + Chr(10) + result)

Ashampoo_Snap_Dienstag, 7. September 2021_18h14m35s_001_IDE Script - ReBuildService.xojo_script

cmd copy works
XCOPY "E:\MR_Xojo\Markus Büro\Builds - Markus Büro\Windows 64 bit\Markus Büro" "C:\XojoDienste\Markus Büro" /E /I /Y

Cough. Use “print command”?

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ok print works :slight_smile:
how can DoShellCommand use umlauts^^ ???

Do you need to encode the spaces in a Windows shell command?

Edit: don’t use umlauts.

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“” around a path works, seems its just this stupid umlauts problem again …

don’t use umlauts.

LOL, so true 2021
maybe XCopy can not handle it …

ahh great it need a command for old code page before the call of xcopy

chcp 1252

ohh does not work with xojo script
xcopy still have a problem

it need a batch file saved in ansi …

this works, it runs cmd as admin because stop/start services.


CHCP 1252
SC STOP XojoMarkusBüro
XCOPY “E:\MR_Xojo\Markus Büro\Builds - Markus Büro\Windows 64 bit\Markus Büro” “C:\XojoDienste\Markus Büro” /E /I /Y
SC START XojoMarkusBüro

i used the CopyFile Build Step to put the Batch beside the Exe.
after build the build folder opens and i just start the batch to update the windows service.

some notes to register a service in windows:

sc create XojoMarkusBüro type= own start= auto binpath= “C:\XojoDienste\Markus Büro\Markus Büro.exe”
sc stop XojoMarkusBüro
sc start XojoMarkusBüro
sc delete XojoMarkusBüro

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