Relation shell-antivirus-SO

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible that there are problems running, from an xojo application, via shell, another application? the shell call, executed in the cmd, works. The same call, from the Horus application, gives an error message

unable to access the item referenced by this link. You may not have the correct permissions

Could it be an OS problem? or antivirus? Does one of the two recognize that it is a program that tries to run another program on its own?

We are in a Windows 10 environment, on a hospital network. I don’t know the antivirus used.

Can you show us your code?

it’s a simple


And which string is executed?

“c:\swfolder\nomeprogramma.exe parameter_p parameter2”

the string is build before… the same string, in the cmq, works correctly.
I think the responsible could be the permissions on the OS or the antivirus.

the antivirus used in that network is cortex