Regression in MimeEmailMBS?


The following has worked flawlessly for years to extract attachments from an email.
dim emInput as new MimeEmailMBS(strData)

After a build update to the 2021 version of the MBS plugins it was not able to extract the attachments. After reverting back to to the November 2018 plugin all was well.

There is no error messages or warnings, just simply 0 attachments with the 2021 version of the MBS plugin and 3 attachments with the 2018 version.

Any Ideas?

A lot of stuff changed in 3 years.

So first, did you download the email?
Can you send me the email as text file to check what’s different?

I could probably send you an .eml file privately. What’s the best way to get it to you?

Just an email to support@ and then our de domain.

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