Registration code for old version

I have a past client that I need to work on a program that I wrote many years ago. So I have to put Real Studio back onto a Power Mac G5 so that I can work on it again.

I installed Real Studio 2010r3.2 (the last version that works on the PowerPC). I have 19 licenses that I have purchased from Real Basic, going back to 1999. I have kept all of the registration codes for each purchase, but none of these work.

What can I do to get this copy of Real Studio working? Who can I contact?

Thank you.


The legacy activator used to be easy to find under your account, but I cannot locate it anymore :frowning:

We’ve had to beef up the security on our servers what with all the exploits that have occurred on the internet over the last few years.

As Derk mentioned, please email They’ll be able to help you with this.

Yet more phone-home DRM inconvenience.