RegEx search and replace issue

I have written a method that uses regex regexmatch

formatedPhone = CmpReplace(phone, "[ \\s\\t\\.\\-\\(\\)]+", "")

i have the method code here which is not working

[code]Shared Function CmpReplace(feedString as String, feedPattern as String, replacePattern As String) As String
Dim sPat as New RegEx
Dim sStr As RegExMatch
Dim sMat As RegExOptions
Dim rtnStr As String

sPat.SearchPattern = feedPattern
sPat.ReplacementPattern = replacePattern

Return sStr.Replace

End Function[/code]

i want to return the replaced/updated string after the replace
how might i do that making an alteration to my code ?

sSstr = sPat.Replace(feedstring)

ahh ok great… thx Greg

one other questions. is there a regex coded way to express replaceall
rather than this
sPat.Options.ReplaceAllMatches = True

is there a way to express the same thing using symbolic regex
ex: (?i)[a-z] means to find the pattern a-z case insensitive . this means (?i) upper or lower case.

ex: [\s]+(?a) would there be a way to say replace all spaces found using (?a)