RegEx, get hits from Google

I’m giving up to explain what I do so I enclose the photo and the source code.
I want the result to show in the field and it doesn’t, for some reason…
Also, why can’t I make many requests? I know Google has a filter that will lock a certain user (IP) from making too many requests in too short time.
But even if I wait for a long time, it seems not to work… I don’t know what the problem is, me or Google?

Google has an API for doing this sort of thing, and if you haven’t signed their forms and paid their fees, they limit the number of requests you can make in a 24 hour period.

Your pattern doesn’t match anything in the HTML code, at least here. Your pattern is:

"<div[^\d]+ ((?:\d+| )+).+\(([\d,]+) sekunder\) "

But the source looks like this:

About 158,000 results

Try this as your pattern instead:

“(?mi-Us)About ((?:\d+|,)+) results”