RegEx Confusion

here is an example from the LR… I added [+":"+str(match.SubExpressionStartB(0)))]

		Dim re As New RegEx
		Dim match As RegExMatch
		Dim ro As New RegExOptions
		ro.CaseSensitive = false
		re.Options = ro
		re.SearchPattern = "software"
		match = re.Search("How much software can a Software Developer make?")
		Dim result As String
				  If match <> Nil Then
						    result = match.SubExpressionString(0)
				  End If
				  match = re.Search
		Loop Until match Is Nil

match.SubExpressionStartB(0) seems to give the START location of what was found, but how about the LENGTH?
this is a simple example looking for a specific word.
but what about something more complex…

re.SearchPattern = "(?i)(?:^|(?<= ))(one|common|word|or|another)(?:(?= )|$)"
re.SearchPattern = "[-+]?[0-9]*\\\\.?[0-9]"

ultimately I will have a textbox that it will need to apply at least 4 RegEx to

Just check LenB of the match.