Regarding START_PENDING status of windows service(consoleapp)


I think it is not proper question here. Just in case.
I’m trying to make a Windows service with the Slave applications. After creating a service, when I start it it works well.
However, the result of ‘sc.exe query MyServiceName’ just shows ‘START_PENDING’ even though my slave application(consoleapp) runs well through as a Windows service.

Because of that, I couldn’t issue ‘sc.exe stop’ command properly.

Is there anyone got this issue before?

I have found that my Mac, Windows and Linux apps built as console apps can run fine as non-Service apps, and that Windows console apps must be changed to Super ‘ServiceApplication’ before they will run as a Windows service. If you try to run non-Service (i.e ConsoleApplication) applications as a Windows Service they remain in a perpetual ‘launching’ state.

Very useful comment.
Can you let me how you make that ServiceApplication?

Go to App in the Navigator then change the super in the inspector to ServiceApplication.

Great. I will try that.

Thank you!

It works well.

Thank you!