Refreshing new Linux Desktop

This weekend I tried out a refreshing new Linux Desktop. We all know that Mint is fast, but this distro seems to be blazing super-fast. I am talking about elementary OS. A macOS “inspired” Desktop running on top of Ubuntu LTS. They cut off all the n-th editor, tool and bloatware something and reduced the whole OS to a set of beautiful well selected apps. This is the first Linux which could stand the test with my parents-in-law. Of course Xojo is up and running :wink:

Here’s a Screenie:

P.S. If somebody could tell me how they managed to get these nice combined title & menubars?

@Tomas Jakobs I have heard good things about elementry OS. I have been using Mint for a while. I might try it out. Thanks for the info.

I tried it briefly on my MacBook Pro, but it didn’t quite have the polished hardware support of Mint or Ubuntu. I feel like it’s going to be really nice if they can keep making improvements and bring the level up to where some of the other distros are. Right now I personally wouldn’t recommend it for day to day use. It feels more polished than a .4 release, but I think that it does have some way to go until 1.0. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though as I only had it on my laptop a few hours.

Ja Kevin I agree with you. It reminds me to Aqua back in 2001/2002 or something… looks nice but it lacks support of essential functions and apps. The email doesn’t support SMIME, the calendar has no week view and a lot of more missing items. This is what I’ve meant with “basic”. On the other side it’s not overwhelming a user with tons of apps for the same thing. What I do not understand is what you’ve written about hardware support. It’s based on Ubuntu LTS is this what you mean?

What I mean is things that just work on regular Ubuntu or Mint, don’t quite work right on Elementary. I had trouble with the trackpad being jumpy, wireless not linking up at the right rate and being slow and inconsistent, and I think there were a few other annoying issues that weren’t show stoppers, but I could just tell it would be a frustrating experience in daily use. I think they just haven’t incorporated all the latest bits from the upstream distros.