Refresh WebImageView

I am using a WebImageView with a URL that is being loaded from the internet. The image gets refreshed by the server every 10 minutes so I have created a timer event that runs ever 10 minutes but I can’t figure out a way to refresh the WebImageView. How can I do this?

You’ve got to set the url to an empty string and then back again.

Thanks, that works great :wink:

Unexpected popup from ShowURL???
Hi people Just a follow on from the above REFRESH solution…

I have an issue with Fluid created Mac webApps not showing all images on startup in a webimageview.
So I tried your solution above… i.e.
in a timer
Sub Action()

End Sub

Safari is my default on macOS Sierra Xojo 2017 1.1 Pro
2016 15 inch macbookPro

I get a safari popup every time the Timer fires…

“Are you sure you want to leave this page?”

I set the InNewWindow in ShowUrl to false but I still get the Question popup?
Any thoughts?
Is this expected behaviour?
Thanks to anyone

Check the documentation:
ShowURL does not change the image in a WebImageView.

The documentation for WebImageView shows that the property you are likely looking for is the URL property:

yes of course
Thank you Tim

When you want a solution:

set to empty, set to another picture will not work, because of the cache of the browsers.

but there is a simple solution:
after the picture add a “?” + Str(Ticks)


MZImageView_Name.URL = "" + "?" + Str(Ticks)

Then it works always. I promise. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel
I’ll give it a try