refresh vs open-in-new-tab

The way sessions work, I’m assuming there is no way (or viable tricks) to differentiate between a refresh and the user opening the session in a new tab… correct?

The problem I’m facing is when a user log into my application, I store the session. When another user from another browser/location logs in under the same user, my application notifies the current session and kicks them off explaining somebody just logged in somewhere else with their login credentials (this keeps 100 people using 1 account). This works great, unless the user has multiple-tabs open their browser. When I send the dialogbox with the notification they’ve been ‘kicked’, it only gets sent to the whichever session/tab they refreshed to connected with last (one window/tab will see the dialog and the rest will never display it).

I bet you could do this using the Window.sessionStorage from the browser. You’ll need to Google to understand the difference between localStorage and sessionStorage. The latter should be persistent through the life of a tab, but non-persistent after the window/tab closes. My Web Essentials suite has a control for accessing both asynchronously.

I’m looking at your site now, but the demonstration is showing an ‘Unable To Connect’ page. Could you resolve this so I can take a look at what you have to offer? Thanks.

Brad, does your control allow setting/calling to window.sessionStorage/localStorage before the webpage loads (ie. event) or is it an actual page control?

It is a page control. But you could put it on an empty splash page, let it do its work at the start of the session, then move on to a real page from there.