Refresh a WebControlWrapper...

I’m fairly new to Xojo, long time ASP.NET developer.
Here’s my latest challenge:
I have a Xojo 2014 Release 1 on a MBP (10.8.5)
I have a project with 2 controls, a WebPopupMenu and a WebControlWrapper
The Popup has a list of states populated from a MSSQL 2008 database. Works fine
The Wrapper has jQuery grid that displays customer info with a hardcoded state. It too is populated from a MSSQL 2008 database. Works fine.

I’m trying to select a new state and pass it to the Wrapper and refresh the grid. Is this possible?

Added screen shot:
Grid View

It depends on how you wrapped the grid. You would need to add your own methods to call the javascript methods.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve got it running. I went back to the Web Control SDK documentation and reviewed the section on runtime HTML changes.

I pass the selected state value to my SQL script and refresh the grid with those results.