REDIS: Usage of Pub/Sub with the Xojo-Redis-Class from Ken

Thanks to Ken for the Redis-class

I’m especially interested in using the class to send messages across the instances of my web-app. Has anybody been able to use Pub/Sub with the class?

When I publish content via terminal I see it in another terminal window where I have subscribed to the channel but not in my Web-App, although I subscribed to channel “foo”:

// mSub is a computed property of type variant
// mRedis is a global property of typ Redis_MTC
mSub = mRedis.Execute("SUBSCRIBE foo")

only works once and displays


Somehow there should be a way to listen continuously to redis, but the assignment to mSub won’t do that - understandable from the XOJO point of view.

Did anyone accomplish PUB / SUB with the Redis-class from Ken?

FWIW, his name is Kem, not Ken.

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Sorry, the correct name is Kem, of course.