Redirecting domain name

Hi Good People,

I have a domain name which I’d like to redirect to a new Xojo Cloud app.

I have read the blog article:-

and that is good.

Now I already have two other apps in my Xojo Cloud. Right now they are IP accessed (i.e. through their IP address rather than a URL like

I would like the new Xojo Cloud app to be the target for the domain name. And not the two other apps.

So right now I have
App 1. IP address =
App 2. IP address =

and I will have
App 3. IP address =

And to access ThirdApp, I want to be able to type in the browser address bar something like

How do I arrange this ?

I already have the desired domain name registered (in this spurious case,

Tony Barry

So you’re saying you don’t want anyone to be able to access

But you do want them to be able to type

Would you be ok with instead of

There’s no direct way to deal with this in xojo cloud. Every domain points to everything on the machine.

However, you can control some of this in HandleURL. you should be able to look at the Host header and decide whether or not you want the app to respond.

Could you set to point to a subdirectory of your cloud? It’s been a while since I messed with dns settings. But if so, you could use to point to or push it one more subdirectory down and use, which might be the equivalent of

Hi Greg, Tim,

Thank you for the swift response.

I am actually thinking the default method currently employed right now by XC will do me.

The prospective user will have to enter
to get to the desired target.

I also appreciate that it now means FirstApp and SecondApp have the equivalent of being hosted on
but that I can’t really control without a second hosting plan.