Redirect Standard Input and Output


We are considering using XOJO for a cross platform front end of a cross platform command line program.

However before we decide, is there a way, using XOJO, to effectively redirect the standard output of that console program to the frontend directly and enable the frontend to periodically send input to that console program directly?

In my experience on the Mac side this happens automatically. The console app is called via shell. And the console output comes via shell.result. No clue about Windows.

You can run the console app from within the gui through an interactive shell. Does that help?

Does the capturing of stdout from console happen in realtime and does not block the calling thread?

The shell has too modes: synchronous and async. The former is blocking while the later is not. Depends on what you want to do.

Well, three, technically. There is also Interactive, which is like Asynchronous, but leaves the shell running so you can interactive with it through the events.