Redefined Identifier = New Error

I am updating some code using 2015r1 and getting a lot of “redefined identifier” compiler errors. This code works fine in 2014R2, but 2014R3 through 2015R1 gives these errors. How do I fix this problem? I can not compile at all with these. I saw someone else posted this question June 2014 but no responses.

Rename duplicates and modify code that refers to

Thanks Axel. I don’t understand why they are duplicates now, but were not a few months ago.

Xojo now uses LLVM compiler which is stricter about duplicates. In the past, the compiler made assumptions and picked itself the one it thought was goo, which could lead to difficult to trace bugs.

It has nothing to do with the LLVM backend, just fixes to name lookup that we did in 2014r3.

Sorry, I got confused between all the recent improvements. But the fact remains that now Xojo is less tolerant for duplicates.