Red frame around a label and grouped with popup

a label has a red frame and is probably grouped with a popup. When I move the label, the popup also moves. When I delete the label, the popup will also be deleted.
The popup is no longer displayed when executing.


Super from Label: DesktopLabel
Super from PopUp: DesktopPopupMenu

I marked and duplicated both, then the two new objects are ok. What was happening?

Are those the only 2 elements on your project?
It looks like for some unknown reason (to me) your popup was defined as a child of the label (I don’t know how to reproduce that).
If this happens again you just need to select your popup, right click and select ‘Unparent’ option.

Edit: are you running on Windows? If that is the case, maybe there is a difference with Mac. I added a label, make it bigger, pasted a popup inside the label limits, reduced the label limits to match your red square but I can’t select the popup anymore. Deleting the label deletes the popup, moving the label, moves the popup, as the popup is a child of label.

Edit2: I was able to reproduce this. Clicking on the popup a couple of times I was finally able to select it and show the red box around the label (I can’t select ‘Unparent’ in this situation, the Label area should be around the popup. It looks like even when I can ‘left click’ to select the popup, ‘right click’ shows the menu for the Window, maybe create a bug report?)

Widen your label until it is ‘over’ (under) the popup.
When you do that, click on the popup and drag it OUT of the area occupied by the label.
It will then become a child of the window, not of the label.

Created case: #75829

This happens when you drag a new control from the library or duplicate an existing control, and the new control is “within” another existing control. Then you have to right click the new control and “Unparent”.

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The problem here is that the label is the parent of the popup but the red rectangle does not cover the popup so right click will not show “Unparent”

I note (as is common, for whatever reason) that the OP presents an issue and then no further comment. Presumably their ‘I deleted these then added new controls’ was enough to solve the problem anyway.

‘What was happening?’

That helped. :+1:
Now I was able to select “Unparent” at the popup or move the popup out of the label and it was free.

Thank You

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I was able to solve it with duplicate, but I wanted to understand the cause.
I haven’t deleted the two fields yet, but now it is solved. :smiling_face:

  • They are not the only elements in my window.

  • It’s running on mac OS

  • Yes, the Label area should be around the popup.

‘Unparent’ was new for me! I searched for „grouped"
Learned something again. :sunglasses:

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