Rect defined in 64-bit plugin has wrong size in Xojo

Hi all,

I have made a Xojo plugin to declare NSRectXP as a universal NSRect equivalent usable by 32- or 64-bit projects. On a 32-bit platform, the x, y, w and h members are declared as Single (total size: 16), and as double on 64-bit platforms (total size: 32).

Everything works well in 32-bits.

In 64-bits, the inline help shows that all the members are doubles (as does autocompletion), but the reported size is still 16 (it should be 32) and the size of NSRectXP.StringValue() returns a 16-bytes value, instead of a 32-bytes value.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a Xojo bug?

You define them as structures or plugin classes?

They are defined as a REALstructure