Recs for an Android device that is not a phone

I’m checking if anyone has any suggestions of an Android device. I am an iPhone user but am wanting to get an Android device for testing when Xojo ships it. I know this can still be quite a ways off, but for a more recent need, I will be exhibiting at an event in October and will need another device with me. I’m looking for something that’s not necessarily a phone (like an iPod touch) that can still have apps. Figured a non-phone device would be less expensive. The expo I will be attending, I will have some volunteers helping out, and I’ll be having them scan badges and maybe take orders (PayPal), and it would be easier if they had their own device as I might be using mine, and I don’t want to have to ask them to download certain apps on their phones

There’s so many droid devices that I can’t make heads or tails over, so I thought I’d ask the group. Thanks in advance!

You should consult Google when such time comes. Specs could change and you may end with a “not popular” device in a drawer. My advice is this, get something lots of people uses by that time. Chances are that it will be some kind of Samsung device, probably a phone.

Only if you own the devices, you may buy anything for tests. But Xojo Android 1.0 probably may not be targeting tablets.

What I did was buy a used phone with a slightly damaged screen. This brought the price WAY down. Then I just use via Wifi for testing, making me not care about carrier plans. And the screen damage is fine for my own testing purposes.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I was actually thinking of maybe just getting a used/refurbished one closer to the event in October. Even if it is still a phone, I won’t need a data plan with it as long as I can get it connected to WiFi. Was just thinking an Android device would be optimal since I have no plans of switching my phone from iPhone, and I should still be able to use it for testing when Xojo Android is available. Two stones

If the venue does not have (reasonably priced) WiFi, you still may be able to hot spot from your iPhone to get internet service to another device. Assuming your carrier has good enough coverage in the venue for the building structure and crowd capacity present.

I have been developing for Android for several years, using another Basic.

I am using a new Xiaomi Note 9 phone for my Android development. I paid less than $200 for it. That is pretty much the price of a used Samsung phone.

For tablet, I bought a used Samsung Galaxy Tab. About the same price.

Cheap new Android devices, especially tablets, can have horrible screens.

I have no idea yet about what Xojo will support, but Android screens are extremely fragmented. From 800x600 on really cheap phones, to 2160x1024 on higher end.

There are services where you can test your app ion a slew of devices, such as Test Android App & Website on Real Android Devices | BrowserStack.

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