Recreating Disk Utility

Are there OS X toolbox calls that would allow me to write a Disk Utility clone? I want to get a list of volumes, their formats, then selectively reformat one.

I’m just looking for a “take a look at section on ___” type of suggestion here. Otherwise, I’ll call diskutil through a Shell.

I’m somewhat certain that Disk Utility is just a front end to the ‘diskutil’ command.

Maybe, but I’m curious if diskutil uses toolbox calls that are exposed to us. It’s no big deal if I have to use the Shell (or AuthorizedShell), but would prefer the direct toolbox calls if they are available.

Disk Utility calls shell commands, just watch Activity monitor during various Disk Utility tasks.
(/usr/libexec/repair_packages doing the permission repair thing, /usr/sbin/asr is used for restore, and /usr/sbin/diskutil used for almost everything else) Ofc. disk info, mount, unmount eject functions are using toolbox calls.