Record for posts in a topic

I wonder what the record is for posts in a single topic here? I looking for awards and accolades, people. Possibly a public lynching too, but mostly awards and accolades!

As I say to my four year old, “this is not something you should be proud of, Kem”.

She can never understand why I call her Kem.

Golf Clap - Nice work Kem! :slight_smile:

Norman must be able to check for the largest thread???

not me
forums admins probably but they’re busy

Please tell them to get their priorities straight :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

[quote=96933:@Norman Palardy]not me
forums admins probably but they’re busy[/quote]

Busy reading the “Pet peeves” thread, no doubt.

I keep forgetting there’s other threads out there.

doubtful … maybe fixing up our build slaves & such

Slavery was abolished a long time ago… does Geoff need a new pyramid?

actually we’re more modern than build slaves …. I misspoke

we have build bots :slight_smile:

Type in

#order by replies

into the search field and you will see the most replied topics. Pet peeves is in first by more than 300%.

Good to know, thanks. Now what do I win?

And the winner is …

You thought there was a prize ? … hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Dana or Alyssa will take care of me. Just wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…