Record and save a video

I am looking for a way in iOS to record a video and send it to a remote server directly, does anyone know if a declare has been made to capture video to a local file without the user having to select it to upload?


I have video capture classes (AVFoundation) made but cannot release them until after XDC (at the request of Xojo) so you will have to wait just a little bit.

So are they paying you now?

I wish :stuck_out_tongue:

They simply asked that I don’t release them until after XDC since I helped make them for a project they are releasing then. (Sorry I can’t say more, but as far as I know it’s not public yet.)

Most are done but I uncovered a bug when creating one of the example views. You’ll have to wait for this weekend when I have some more free time to fix it. Sorry

I’m looking forward to this one too.

In the AVFoudation classes, do you include also the AudioRecoder classes?

Yes AudioRecorder and AudioPlayer, AudioSession (and associated session setup classes), the text to speech classes (SpeechUtterance, etc), the barcode reading classes used in the XDC app, and hopefully the video recording and playing classes. They are the ones that I’m having issues with right now. Those are the main ones off the top of my head. There are a few others that are going to be released later on as they are still being worked on, but the ones I listed you should expect in the next update.

Great!! I look forward to test it!

The new version of iOSKit (v1.2) has a demo view which shows you how to record and play a video.

I’m trying to use the video recording code in a split view on an iPad, with the recording button in the detail view. But when the record-button is pressed, the whole screen is taken over by the camera. The left view disappears. Would it be possible to open the camera view only in the detail view and keep the master view visible on the left?

recorder = new UIKit.UIImagePickerController
AddHandler recorder.PictureTaken, AddressOf HandlePictureTaken
recorder.sourceType = UIKit.UIImagePickerController.Source.Camera
recorder.mediaTypes = Foundation.NSArray.CreateWithObject(new NSString(UIKit.UIImagePickerController.kUTTypeMovie))