recommended database type

hi all,
so i am beginning to code an application, and was wondering if anyone can recommend a database to use?
One thing i would like to do is store files in the database, be via BLOB or something that works well. I don’t see the need to do large files but would be nice to have that option without slowing down the database. I have used sql before with files which works fine if i have the files in a seperate table and split up by 65kb. Also encryption of some sort would be a need. Now my plan was to have my own server app running and working of a database file, just like the sqlite database files in xojo, is it possible to do that with other types of databases? so i don’t have to actually get the database server installed, i just have the database file and create my own server, so i can add features i want. I assume i need a driver or something. Some of these databases listed here sound really good, have some real nice features and seem to work with with large blob:

but as far as i can tell they all need to be installed and running on their own software, i can just have a database file and then a driver/class to read and write to it.
anywayz, if anyone has any info or recommendations i would very much appreciate it.

A source code license to the StudioStable database might be suitable. Don’t know about saving large files in it though so you best ask Brad.

Sounds like you want SQLite. Look at: It does not require any server software, can handle large files, can be encrypted and comes with all editions of Xojo.

Hi Paul,

I think to use with only one Computer : SQLite is enough
But if you want use with multiple access (Computers) PostgreSQL is better
The both are total free. It’s not total free for MySQL.
But If you need for a personal use (not commercial) you can take MySQL.
Take SQLite or PostgreSQL is better an more easy to install on Mac, Win or Lin.

Sorry for my english :wink:

Sqlite sounds to be a good choice. As for my experience it is quite fast e reliable. And it is ACID compliant too.