Recommendations for Android device

I’m working on a couple of Android projects but, apart from some Amazon Fire devices, I don’t have an Android device to test on. Can anyone recommend me a phone? Not looking to spend a great deal on it as it’s purely a testing device and it won’t be used on a daily basis. I care not how it looks or performs, as long as it can run a recent Android OS. Thanks for any recommendations.

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I liked the Moto phones because of shake-to-flashlight. My last upgrade was because Maps stopped working, and from what I read the newest Moto G Power still didn’t have enough power to handle Maps.

I ended up with a Pixel 7, but I use this as my daily phone, so it had to work.

Moto G Power is roughly in the $250 range. Dunno if that’s too much for your needs with a testing phone.

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Hey @Gavin_Smith.

I ended up getting a couple of BLU F92e 5G devices, and I really like them. They’ve been nice to test Xojo Android apps on.

And they’re inexpensive, too.

Are you writing to use phone functionality, or just Android OS operability? If you don’t need phone features, you can get started with a Raspberry PI or some of the variations. All of them support Android at one level or another. I test against a 2GB Pi 4 with a 3.5" LCD display. The only thing I can’t do is make a call or deal with GPS-stuff.

+1 on the Motorola phones. I have been using Motorola phones for the last few years. Benefits include affordability (sub $400 price) and options for smaller screens (which are getting harder to come by these days).

I ended up with a Pixel 7 also as my daily driver

Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I did consider a refurbed Pixel 7, pretty cheap, but it’s hard to ignore @Tim_Dietrich 's $130 BLU recommendation, so I think I’ll go with that.