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I’m considering using Xojo for a driver’s module I need for our company. It will hold basically all the orders they will deliver and they will scan the labels that apply for that order. We currently have all our data in SQL Server 2022 on premise.

My thought process is to create a mobile app that will have a SQLlite database that will hold the sub set of data that they’ll use. They will come to the shop early morning have a button in the app and download the info they need from the on premise SQL DB to SQLlite on their phone.

They will basically scan an update three fields: delivered, driver_name,timestamp. They might take pictures when dropping off an order when there’s no one on the delivery site to accept it. Once they get back to the shop they will press a button and this will update those three fields and add any pictures related to that order to the drop_photos table that’s already created in my SQL DB. This will clear out all the information for the day and rinse and repeat next morning.

Since I’ve never used Xojo before I was wondering if this is something that can be accomplished. My experience is in Visual Basic and SQL Server so I think Xojo would be a great fit for me.

Thank you for any recommendations/suggestions

Andres Dominicci

Sounds straight forward as an iOS app that syncs with a local SQLite DB and talks to a REST WebApp for access to the MSSQL database when it needs to get the morning orders or update the progress.

There are many of us, it is a pity that xojo has being distancing itself from its Basic roots.

Mobile is kind of limited but for this case sounds doable, you are going to need a web service in the server as a middleware beetween data base and the app.
Android is still on beta and currently there is no way to scan barcodes, but it is suposed to be available in the last release of the year.

i would prefer real time data, somehow a web app.
with a map view it could also show where the delivery is.
its a fundamental decision if you really need a offline mode.

Hi everyone. Thank you for your input. @MarkusR they will be most of the time without internet coverage since it is South Dakota and it is a big state with a small population. So it has to be offline so the can scan.

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