Recent Files

Consider the Xojo recent files list. Would anyone else think these ideas would be useful:

  1. Ability to remove an item. Reason: Sometimes i open one of the example programs that Xojo kindly provides. Generally, I don’t need to open it again (at least in the next day or two). It would be nice to be able to delete these.

  2. Ability to lock a project to a particular version of Xojo. Reason: As Xojo changes things, it’s sometimes difficult or unwise to move a project to the latest version (consider a project that’s been in use for a couple of years and the client requests a small change). If a project could be locked to a version, it would only show up in the list when you opened that version of Xojo.

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Yes, please.

Also: save the preferences when opening the project and not when closing it. Open a project, crash Xojo and the project is not in the prefs.