Recent Filde Tutorial

I just follow @Dana_Brown Tutorial. about recent file management on YouTube

Is very useful and just I need to implement in m application!

I have a compilation error with this code:

FileRecentItems.Enable = True

For i As Integer = 0 To RecentItemsCollection.LastRowIndex
  FileRecentItems.MenuAt(i).Enable = True

Compilation error is :
App.EnableMenuItems, line 1
This method cannot accept an assigned value (it lacks an Assigns parameter).

I comments this line and it works fine. So please can you give me more informations about this. I really note understand what it did.


FileRecentItem or FileRecentItems ?

It should be Enabled.


I change the name in my own application …

I have make correction in my initial post

I don’t understand what you mean

In your code, you have:

FileRecentItems.Enable = True

When you should have

FileRecentItems.Enabled = True

Notice the “d” at the end.

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Thank you so much @Greg_O_Lone for your help. Xojo team is so great! :heart_eyes:

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