Receiving Email via IMAP SSL

Are there any examples available for receiving email via IMAP SSL available anywhere? I need to be able to receive email to take automated action on the content.

Thanks in advance!

By default xojo does not provide IMAP support. You have to look for some comercial plugins. Haven,t found any freeware plugins yet

For basic IMAP, the protocol isn’t hard to implement. I’ve done it in other languages, not Xojo though. That may be a route you wish to go down if all you need to do is login and grab some messages.

I don’t mind paying for a solution. I can’t seem to find anything out there. I’m really surprised no one offers this.

What about using curl ?
MBS has a plugin

That example doesn’t use SSL. I emailed Christian and he didn’t have an example that would work using SSL. :frowning:

Hi Hal,

I actually created a full IMAP class that connects using SSL. I believe you contacted my company (Infinity Data Systems), but I’m not sure if you received our reply.


Matt’s IMAP Classes are really good, but I would not say the same about the support. I ordered the IMAP and POP3 classes almost two years ago and despite my repeated emails and private messages on the RS forums, I never received the POP3 classes.

Hello Hal,

Did you find any other solution to use imap as it was a 8 weeks ago that you posted this question?
I like to count emails on a account, and within subfolders of the mailbox.
Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Michael Bierly sent me a class that I paid for, but it’s really rough. I have the class, but I’m not sure how to call it as of yet.

Hi all

nobody answered to my direct inquiries.

Is there anybody wishing to help/point me in obtaining an IMAP class? Or at least a starting point?

Thank you in advance


How much functionality do you need. I don’t think it would be too hard to implement the basics. I’ve occasionally interacted with IMAP servers through telnet when I needed to troubleshoot various issues.

There are a few options:

  • Curl, for instance via the MBS plugin
  • Interface to another language like Python or Java that have Imap libraries
  • Using a Imap dylib from Chilkatsoftware

If you only have one Imap server that you have to work with then the first option should be the easiest. I’ve tried the second option with Python but hit a roadblock that I’m unable to solve. So I’m now onto the third method.

Imap is a major pain in the neck. So many different ideas how to implement the same stuff. And let’s not talk about Google or oauth2 or ntlm.