Receipt Printer and Xojo


I am thinking about getting a receipt printer, as Adafruit sells one for the Raspberry Pi. However, is printing available when it comes to the Raspberry? Does Xojo support Raspberry Pi-based printing?

(I looked at the documents, and it warns about web printing being limited, but I wasn’t able to find out if printing is even an option for Rasp Pi users.) :wink:

Thoughts? Ideas?

No experience on that front, but in terms of ideas many receipt printers have a TCP socket interface available. So if nothing else, you can probably directly connect to the printer via a network connection and send it commands. For example, many support Epson’s escape sequences (see more info here ) even if not made by Epson.

I haven’t tried this myself on the Pi, but I have a receipt printer that I use with Mac/Windows Xojo projects and I just open the graphics object from OpenPrinter and draw into it and it just works. I’d try that first before trying (what I presume) the harder TCP method.

Thanks @Bob Keeney! That’s wonderful to hear… May I ask what type of receipt printer that you have? I’ve been doing a lot of looking around and it’s a bit dizzying out there in regards to all of the options on the market. Bluetooth, Wifi, Network connected, USB, etc, etc. :wink:

It’s an Sanei Electric SK1. AFAIK it’s a pretty generic receipt printer that my client puts in payment kiosks.