REALSQL to SQLite write error?

I converted my working REALSQLdatabase to a SQLiteDatabase, but now I receive an error “cannot write to database” whenever I try to write to it?
I am now totally perplexed??

Please help :frowning:

This is the code in my save to database button:

[code] dim rx as new RegEx
rx.SearchPattern = “[1-9]”
dim match as RegExMatch = rx.Search( fldAmount.Text )
if match is nil then // Doesn’t have a number
MsgBox(“You need to enter an amount before saving!”)
else // Does have a number
dim insertRec as new DatabaseRecord
insertRec.Column( “Date” ) = fldDate.text
insertRec.Column( “Description” ) = fldDescription.text
fldAmount.text=ReplaceAll(fldAmount.text, “,”, “”)
insertRec.Column( “Income” ) = fldAmount.text
insertRec.Column( “IsIncome” ) = fldIsIncome.text
db.InsertRecord( “Accounts”, insertRec )
end if

if db.error then
end if[/code]

The RefreshListBox Timer (near the bottom of that code) contains the following code:

Window1.PopulateAccounts(Window1.lb_accounts,db,"select ACRef, Date, Description, Income, Expenses, IsIncome from Accounts order by Date desc")

The PopulateAccounts method contains the following code:

lb_accounts.deleteAllRows // run the query rs=db.sqlSelect(sql ) if rs = NIL then db_error exit sub end if // populate the listbox while not rs.eof lb_accounts.addRow ""// add a new row for i as integer = 1 to rs.fieldCount// add data to columns select case i-1 case 0,1,2,5 // leave columns 0, 1, 2, and 5 untouched lb_accounts.cell(lb_accounts.lastIndex, i-1) = rs.idxField(i).stringValue case 3,4 // reformat columns 3 and 4 (income and expenses) lb_accounts.cell(lb_accounts.lastIndex, i-1) = format(rs.idxField(i).CurrencyValue,"###,##0.00") end select if lb_accounts.cell(lb_accounts.lastIndex, i-1) = "0.00" then lb_accounts.cell(lb_accounts.lastIndex, i-1) = "" end if next rs.moveNext// move to next record wend

The parameters for the above method are as follows:

lb as listbox, db as sqlitedatabase, sql as string

Try to remove the db.commit, you don’t need it, and see what’s happen.

That did the trick - THANK YOU !