Really newbie question. Form question..


I just downloaded Xojo not long ago. I’m from a Windows / VB 3 to 6, and classic ASP background as well as SQL server, yada yada yada…
Anyway, I opened xojo and it soooo reminds me of VB. :slight_smile:
My problem right off is that I can’t find the property of the default form that loads (as if I would use it for a splash screen) to set it’s graphic icon
in the upper left corner. As if you have a company icon 32 pixes or 64 pixels wide and you wanted it to show up on every form. I know
there has to be a property somewhere for the form to do so?
Thanks in advance…
Southern IN. USA

Click on App in the navigator on the left and add an icon to the project.

It’s a property of the app, rather than of an individual window.
These days, you are expected to provide a variety of image sizes so that the OS can render something nice for the icon at a variety of scales.

Click the app on the left, then click the space for ‘icon’ in the inspector panel on the right.

Thanks so much for the answers … I really appreciate it. I meant that… This forum is the best.