REALInterfaceRoutine broken


someone also uses REALInterfaceRoutine?
Seems to be broken for me in 2014r2 and newer.

Someone has an idea what changed?
Or a replacement?

You just use REALLoadObjectMethod instead.

Your method description has already promised the right insterface. So if your method for example takes in variable like “something as ISomething” then that by it self is enough to promise that the object has the given interface. So given that then you can load using REALLoadObjectMethod any method that is in ISomething

I ddid and this fixed it for me.
Still annoying to see this broken.

Thought the REALInterfaceRoutine was deprecated function.

So should be avoided to use at all.

from rb_plugin.h

REALproc REALInterfaceRoutine(REALobject obj, const char *interfaceName, const char *methodName) DEPRECATED;

marked as deprecated in SDK’s for several years
Check back as far as 2009 and its been mark deprecated in all of them