REALGetStringContents and REALRegisterMethod Deprecated

Hello everyone,

After coding a plug-in on Windows 8 with a Windows Xojo IDE , I am getting two warnings:

  1. warning C4995: ‘REALGetStringContents’: name was marked as #pragma deprecated
  2. warning C4995: ‘REALRegisterMethod’: name was marked as #pragma deprecated.

After looking through the Real Software forums, the comment is to ‘not worry about it’. Link to Forum Topic

Should I be worried about this with Xojo? Is there an alternate if this is an issue?

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REALGetStringContents can be handled with REALGetStringData. I am not sure about REALRegisterMethod.


Thanks for the help with REALGetStringContents :slight_smile:

Anyone familiar with REALRegisterMethod?


You should register a module, not individual functions.

Hello Christian,

Thank you for the help.

Please correct me if I am wrong, wouldn’t a deprecated REALRegisterMethod not work in a class or individual function?

Just asking :slight_smile:


Real register method is more for registering what would amount to a global method.
With a module you register the module & it has a table of methods - which you dont need to register individually.

Thanks Norman. That makes sense.

This is one deprecation warning we hope people pay attention to. For an example on how to use it, see this post.

Thanks Joe,

I will work on it a little more this weekend. :slight_smile: