Realdatabase help

Hi guys,
need your help one again.

I need to modify a program i made in 2009.
Looking at the code i see i was using a database file type “Realdatabase” which i understand it has been replaced by SQLite in newer realbasic and xojo version.
I’m stuck here because i can modify the code using a newer Xojo version but i cannot compile it because i cannot declare Realbasic db type and i cannot find the old Realbasic version i used at the time.
Is there a way to convert the old realdatabase to the new Sqlite version ?

I found a databaseconverter on some old thread but seems like it doesn’t work on my db.

Can somebody help me ?


just change the name to the new type… they are 100% compatible… your database doesn’t need to change, just the references in the code. in reality both were/are SQLite Databases

Your question shows two different “troubles”:

a. you can’t compile
b. you can’t modify the data base file.

For a, use the language reference:

b. follow Dave’s advice above.

In case of trouble, come back to the forum and ask with precise explanation (what the trouble really is).

Change the RealDatabase declarations to SQLiteDatabase and make sure the database type is defined in the FileTypes area of the project.

REALdatabase or REALSQLDatabase? There’s a significant difference between those two. REALdatabase is very old and based on an internally developed engine. REALSQLDatabase is also based on SQLite and should be easily migrated to SQLITEDatabase.

Be careful, there has been already three versions: RealDatabase, RealSQLDatabase and SQLiteDatabase. The latter two are both based on SQLLite, whereas the former is a completely different format.

To be clear, there are 3 database types: RealDatabase, RealSQLDatabase and SQLiteDatabase.

RealSQLDatabase was first introduced in RB2005 and is essentially an older version of SQLiteDatabase (introduced in 2013r1). If you have a database file created with RealSQLDatabase you can open it with SQLiteDatabase.

RealDatabase is a different thing altogether. It was a proprietary database format first introduced in Realbasic 5.5 and is not compatible with SQLite. It was deprecated and renamed to RealDatabaseOldFormat in Realbasic 2005 and removed in 2008r4. To convert from this database format you’ll need to use RB 2005 through 2008r4 and write a small app that connects to the old DB and copies its data to the new DB.