Realbasic to Xojo (Sorry I've been in my own world)

Hi All - I occasionally use RealBasic 2007R4 (which I purchased a long while back obviously) to create applications. I realized that it was time for an upgrade and went looking for the RB website. Long story short, here I am.

So Xojo Desktop is $300 (I’m going to need a new license because I moved companies). Will that work on my Mac, Windows, and Linux machines? To be more specific, I prefer Mac but also run Linux and Windows both at home and in the office. I used RB2007R4 Mac on my apple machine to develop apps for all 3 platforms. If I buy the new xojo compiler, will the compiler run on all 3 platforms as well? I didn’t see any option to select a platform.


The base license ($300) provides just about everything that was in the previous PERSONAL edition, plus things that were in the previous next level up (forget what they called it)… You can now compile for all 3 platforms (OSX,Win,Lin), it has container controls, etc…

So no there is no option to select a platform, you get all of them…

And I’m guessing your previous license belonged to the company you worked for and was not yours personally? If it were, you could just “upgrade”

Xojo runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. A Xojo Desktop license can create desktop apps for Windows, OS X and Linux. You can activate your license on up to two machines at one time.

If you have additional questions about licensing, you should just directly contact Customer Service and they’ll help you out:

Thank you gentlemen.