Realbasic TDG 2nd Edition

Hi friends,
Old programmer, new to XOJO, 35+ years working in the field… Please, can anyone tell me if the book “Realbasic The Definitive Guide” (2dn Edition) is a good book to learn the language?. (some people say it is outdated)
Jaime Escobal
P.S. my native language is Spanish, so bear with me

Xojo (the company) has changed the framework in a pretty significant way since that book was written. They call it API 2.0 (but we’re really at version 2.3). The concepts in that book may still be of value, but you’ll find most of the language has changed.

In my opinion, the best place to get up to date information is from the online reference – but then I’ve always been a “dive in and build it” kind of person.

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Thanks for the fast answer, Tim!
Have a nice day

These books are available on the Xojo website Xojo: AprendeXojo (scroll to the bottom)