Real Studio IDE freezes when right-clicking, suddenly

Since a few days now, when I right-click in the code editor, e.g. to look up a selected identifier, the IDE freezes up with the spinning beach ball for over a minute. After that, the contextual menu finally appears.

This has never happened before. Now it happens all the time. Very annoying.

I’ve been using 10.10.5 for a while now, so it’s not that, I think. Even though I’m using Little Snitch and a VPN occasionally, turned them off makes no difference.

When sampling the freeze, It looks like it’s hanging here:

2875 ControlClose (in rbframework.dylib) + 2568 [0x29dd758] 2875 CodeEditorCanvas.Event_ConstructContextualMenu%b%o<CodeEditorCanvas>o<MenuItem>i4i4 (in Real Studio) + 18651 [0x9afab3] 2875 OnlineHelp.LookupTopic%o<HelpTopic>%s (in Real Studio) + 89 [0x135b092] 2875 OnlineHelp.CanGetToWiki%b% (in Real Studio) + 181 [0x13563b0] 2875 Network.IsConnected%b%o<Network> (in Real Studio) + 42 [0x55d9b] 2875 NetworkSafeToConnect (in rbframework.dylib) + 55 [0x296b677] 2875 GetSpecialFolderFromCode (in rbframework.dylib) + 144 [0x2952db0] 2875 SCNetworkCheckReachabilityByName (in SystemConfiguration) + 70 [0x9014596c] 2875 SCNetworkReachabilityGetFlags (in SystemConfiguration) + 429 [0x9012bf0d] 2875 __SCNetworkReachabilityGetFlags (in SystemConfiguration) + 429 [0x9012c2a1] 2875 __SCNetworkReachabilityServer_targetStatus (in SystemConfiguration) + 239 [0x9012dcc1] 2875 xpc_connection_send_message_with_reply_sync (in libxpc.dylib) + 239 [0x98d12e40] 2875 dispatch_semaphore_wait (in libdispatch.dylib) + 37 [0x9213817e] 2875 _dispatch_semaphore_wait_slow (in libdispatch.dylib) + 289 [0x92138389] 2875 semaphore_wait_trap (in libsystem_kernel.dylib) + 10 [0x9568ea0a]
This suggests that the contextual menu code in the IDE attempts to go online (OnlineHelp.CanGetToWiki). However, I’ve set the IDE prefs to not use the online doc but the local one. Weird.

This also happens on a clean user account. But not on another Mac.

Has anyone else seen this happen? Any idea how to fix this?

You restartet the Mac (cures most weird RS and Xojo behaviours for me) and cleared the cache? Maybe delete the prefs?

Indeed, a restart fixed this. Odd.