Real Basic/Xojo for Windows and its IDE

Which development environment (programming language) was used please, to create the Windows version of the RealBasic/Xojo and its IDE?

Its really not that different from how you’d write an application using Xojo

The IDE is written primarily in Xojo + some custom plugins we wrote for our use
Plugins are written in C++ using Visual Studio
Parts of the frameworks you use are written in Xojo and other parts in C++
The compiler is written in C++

Thank you.

And the compiler and all the other code apart from the IDE please, that is part of the RealBasic/Xojo for Windows?

Its all one big package.
You really can’t have the IDE without the compiler and the compiler is dependent on the IDE.
Everything is dependent on other pieces so its a whole product.

Pardon my curiosity - what functionality did you need to encapsulate into a plugin? Just interested to hear about your experience eating your own dog food. :slight_smile:

The compiler is written in C++ - its just better suited to that task
So it’s a plugin from the perspective of the IDE

Thank you.

Which C++ development environment (on Windows?) please?

You could probably guess by looking at our plugin examples which are all for Visual Studio on Windows

Thank you.