Real Basic to Xojo convertion

I was using a project long long time back, in Real Basic on Mac os.
If I open my file .rb with Xojo, no error, just an empty project opens.

What can I dooo ??
There is inside an important algorythme I want to re-use.


Depending on how old it is, you’ll want to open it in a few versions of real studio along the way. There were some changes along the way which need to be done incrementally.

The file is from 2000, I don’t know witch version. And I don’t have Real Basic still with me.
So, embarassed…

I remember you (someone in Xojo) asked me to send the file, but you answered there was nothing to do with that file, like an empty file.
The size is 83kb, but I’ll have to give up hummmmmm…

Do you have the source available?