ready: my first little web GAME!


I made a little web game with xojo for two person. Inspiration was the game ‘ten’ from the Appstore. Now it’s ready for web.

Here it is:

It’s quite simple to play: If you know the rules of TicTacToe, just think big.

Test it, give me feedback, have fun.


Don’t know what feedback to give: It’s working nicely (although I am unsure how the app determines the next square to place a symbol in), it looks good – simplistic, but very fitting – and I could find no bug. Really nicely done!
Only thing that I would wish for was an opponent – be it AI or another player from around the world.

Hi Ulrich,

the next square is determine from the Symbol you clicked. If you click on the left top symbol, your opponent must click next round in left top section!

An AI is very hard to design. Cause if you play it several times, you learn to think a lot of rounds ago before you click a symbol.

A multi-Player-function with players from around the world is possible. But there are not enough players at one time I guess.

Thanks for the praise!

Really nice and clean looking. well done
I have to agree AI would be nice… but I kind of know how hard that would be