Reading XML

I totally forgot how to do that and I do not have my notes handly.

This is a simple question:

How to read an XML file ?

I already that, put the xml into a TextArea. What I want to do is to get the Node called XYZ (there is one with that attribute).

And the question is: must I read the xml until I found a node with that attribute or is there’s a faster way ?

Imagine a Library (with books of course), stored in themes like SciFi, Child, Archeology, Ancient Greek, etc.
I want to read about Atlants by Plato. Must I read all descriptions until I found Ancient Greek, Plato, Atlantis (then search what book I want to read from there ?)
or can I go directly to the list of Plato Books about Atlantis ? (and then skipStarGate Atlantis :wink: ) ?

Load the XML into an XMLDocument
Once it is there, use XQL to get an XMLNodeList containing ‘all the nodes that match your search pattern’ (eg all Ancient Greek)
Then iterate through those nodes.

Here is a worked example:

Thank you Jeff.