reading xlsx files : problem with sharedstrings.xml number of strings

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to read xlsx files with xojo code.
I unzip the xlsx file, and I get a directory with a sharedstrings.xml file
it contains an index of the strings used inside the xlsx file
the index is zero based, but I have a 175 strings files ( as claimed by excel) and I find 179 strings inside
and so the values of some cells I try to read are not correct
I googled some, but did not find any more informations about this : the order the strings are stored inside the sharedstrins.xml file

does anyone have any idea about this ?
it seems to deal with the style of text inside the cells as the diffference I find is the number of cells with styled text inside.
any help appreciated !

you may want to look into the MBS Xojo XL Plugin from us:

sorry I want to understand what’s not working…not use a ready made (and $$$) thing !

There is a published spec for these file types
I’m sure it would be of use

found it : a styled text with different styles in a unique cell gets splitted into the same number of sharedstrings…