Reading a DPX file + metadata

I need to read in the metadata from a DPX file. Currently I’m trying out the MBS GraphicsMagick plugin and it works fine for reading and manipulating the image itself, however, I need to also get access to the file’s metadata. Specifically, some of the stuff listed here:

I’m not tied to GraphicsMagick (actually most of the motion picture world uses ImageMagick for this stuff), but I do I need this to be cross-platform since the app will be compiled for Mac, Windows and Linux, for in-house use. I suppose I could use the GraphicsMagic++ API and write my own, but I’m hoping there might be another ready-made solution out there, or that this could be added to MBS – @Christian Schmitz

MBS seems to be the easiest way to do this, from what I’ve found. just wondering if there are alternatives out there?


You could always read the file as a binary file and then build a Xojo Structure to match the defined DPX structures and handle the information directly. My favorite location for digging this type of information up is

DPX File Format

well, if there are no other options, that’s likely what I’ll end up doing! thanks.

Did you try the plugin?

[code] dim f as FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child(“input_truecolor16.dpx”)
dim g as new GMImageMBS(f)

dim d as Dictionary = g.attributeValues

This does list a couple of attributes here.

Aha! thank you. I didn’t see that in the documentation.