Readable.EndOfFile vs .EOF

When implementing the Readable interface, it looks like you have to implement both EOF and EndOfFile. Am I missing something?

deprecated EOF is still there …

[quote]This item has been deprecated since version 2019r2 and should no longer be used.
Please use Readable.EndOfFile as a replacement. [/quote]
ide display not the small red D
its confusing with two of the same

Maybe a good idea for Xojo to introduce optional methods for interfaces.

Or automatically use EOF if it’s present and EndOfFile is not, maybe with a warning.

That kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

if the interface is generated if you use it in a class the deprecated EOF can’t filled by default?

'deprecated .. Return EndOfFile

but better it not appear as duplicate

Apple has ton of interfaces for delegates with optional methods.