Read user and machine related info

For a program that will be licensed to individual users, I seek a quick solution to read some “personal” data from a user’s computer, such as MAC address, user name, company name etc.

I do not need legal advice and discussion of privacy implications here - I already know enough about that. - This is needed to generate a personal license key for testers who agreed to let me access such info (for purchases, I could simply use their purchase data, but for beta testing this isn’t available).

So, the question is: Which information can I easily read, and how?

There are several System Information API functions that you can use to retrieve various pieces. See this page.

More details on classes and functions to retrieve hardware information. See this page.

You have in these pages an ample choice of machine-specific and user-specific information. Most examples are C++, but we usually can access all API functions with Xojo.

Hope this helps.